COIS 2019

Invitation to all FISTF PLAYERS

1 - Dates:            09 & 10 February 2019

2 - Venue:           Gimnastics Room of Clube de Futebol de Sassoeiros
     R. Lusíadas 366, 2775-520 Carcavelos, Portugal
     Greater Lisbon Area / CASCAIS / Sassoeiros

3 – Bar & Restaurant
We have a bar / restaurant in the building to support the competition. Please advise if some player is under a special diet.

4 - Rules
The tournament will follow the FISTF rules (Handbook 2016/2017).

5 -Schedule
Wednesday, 6th of February:
                Registration deadline
Thursday, 7TH of February, about 21h30m:
Draw for all individual categories
 Saturday, 9th of February (Individual Competition):
09:00 Start of registration
09:30 start of the competition
17:00 Final in all categories (expected)
18:00 Award ceremony
18:30 Draw for the Team Competition
Sunday, 10th of February (Team Competition):
08:30 Start of registration
09:00 start of the competition
Poule of 4 Teams - There is no Final
14:00 last match (expetected)
15:00 award ceremony (expected)

Please note that the schedule of the last games and award ceremony on both competition days  can be changed depending on the number of entrants.

6 - Registration
Please send the registrations until the 6th of February to the email addresses listed below:
            ****    **** ****

Do not forget to send the registrations with the following data:

First and last name
FISTF number
Date of birth
Category  (only one is possible – except ladies)
E-mail address
Club name

Please note that all players registered authorize the publishing of photos regarding the sport in our web page or facebook page.

7 - Entry fees
Team: 20 € /  Open: 10 € /  Veterans: 10 €
Ladies: 5 € / U 19: 5 €  / U 15: 5 € /  U 12: 2 €

8 - Hotels
We recommend:
Real Oeiras
(contact for a better rate)
Hotel Praia Mar Carcavelos
Riviera Hotel Carcavelos
Holiday Inn Express Oeiras

You can also find more affordable accommodation in
Type Sassoeiros or Carcavelos or Oeiras for apartments nearby.

9 - Social Media
Information about the competition will be published in our facebook page and table football blog.

10 - Culture / Leisure / Attractions

11  - Directions
Website of Lisbon Airport
Website of Lisbon Transportation Network

Coming from Lisbon or the airport, take the A5 exit no 8 towards Parede / Carcavelos / Tires / Abóboda    From Lisbon Airport to the venue =


CATEGORY Name Country Club FISTF #
OPEN 1 André Fernandes POR CF Sassoeiros POR0135
OPEN 2 Ricardo Campos POR CF Sassoeiros POR0119
OPEN 3 Pascal Scheen BEL Valletta SC BEL0151
OPEN 4 Ricardo Pavão POR GRD 1º Maio Tires POR0020
OPEN 5 Manuel Santos POR Livorno TS POR0051
OPEN 6 Nuno Henriques POR CF Belenenses POR0144
OPEN 7 Ricardo José POR CF Belenenses POR0024
OPEN 8 Hugo Carvalho POR Sporting CP POR0052
OPEN 9 Rui Varela POR Sporting CP POR0178
OPEN 10 Nuno Noronha POR Tiburones FM POR0015
OPEN 11 Sérgio Ramos POR Bologna Tigers S POR0022
OPEN 12 Carolina Villarigues POR CF Belenenses POR0005
OPEN 13 Salvador Gonçalves POR CF Belenenses POR0204
OPEN 14 Théo Modeste FRA FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux FRA0025
OPEN 15 Christophe Monteiro FRA FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux FRA0164
OPEN 16 Paul Naszalyi FRA FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux FRA0026
OPEN 17 Rúben Monteiro POR GRD 1º Maio Tires POR0213
VET 1 José Santos POR CF Sassoeiros POR0011
VET 2 Miguel Castro POR CF Sassoeiros POR0012
VET 3 Nuno Afonso POR Sporting CP POR0181
VET 4 Nuno Silva POR Sporting CP POR0169
VET 5 Luís Filipe Silva POR CF Belenenses POR0149
VET 6 Jorge Silva POR CF Belenenses POR0123
VET 7 José Freitas POR CF Belenenses POR0030
VET 8 Thierry Vivron FRA FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux FRA0016

U15 1 Mélina Scheen BEL Valletta SC BEL0366
U15 2 Matllde Henriques POR CF Belenenses POR0157
U15 3 António Sampaio POR Clube de Subbuteo Zarco
U15 4 Maria João Silva POR Sporting CP POR0182

Ladies 1 Mélina Scheen BEL Valletta SC BEL0366
Ladies 2 Matllde Henriques POR CF Belenenses POR0157
Ladies 3 Carolina Villarigues POR CF Belenenes POR0005
Ladies 4 Maria João Silva POR Sporting CP POR0182

C.F. Os Belenenses POR
Sporting Club Portugal POR
FTC Issy-les-Moulineaux FRA

DRAW of the individual competition available at :
Sorteio da Competição Individual disponível em:

Results of the competion available at:
Resultados da competição disponíveis em: